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Please note : Once the Service is Booked and the project work is already initiated then in such scenario it will be deemed as “NON RETURNABLE” and “NON REFUNDABLE” Situation as per company policy. Thank you.

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Note:In this we only charge you for initial booking of our consultant and their respective fees, after which we send you consultation with work order quote.

Client Testimonial

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"I Liked The Approach And Proactive Attitude Of The Team, Always Ready To Extend Their Support And Good In Problem Solving. Their Support System Is Next To Perfect. I Would Recommend Their Services For Sure. Wish Cubo Team All The Very Best."

Riyaz Inamdar


Ex87 Director
Oslo, Norway


"Have Tried And Tested Their Services For Many Of Our Portals, These People Are Good And Trustworthy,  Appreciate Their Services, Have Already Recommended Many Of My Clients For Their Services. Keep Up The Good Work"

Rachna Bhimrachka


Powai, Mumbai


"Have Tried And Tested Their Services For Many Of Our Portals, These Good Team And Good Professional Spirit To Deliver The Best. I Am Happy With Their Service And Support. I Have Started Recommending Many Of My Clients To Them."

Samay Sharma


My Corporate Gift
Sion, Mumbai.